Listen to your heart- a case for following your writer instincts

By: Jaime Dill As soon as schools start wrapping up and ice cream parlors reopen doors, I want one thing only-- to read a beachy, summer romance. It's horribly cliche and extra funny given the fact that I rarely read romance novels. Yet, here I am, finished with Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton and craving [...]

Early Readership and Why it is Vital to Publishing Success

Readership comes after publishing…right? As writers, we all sit around occasionally daydreaming about the big day our book becomes famous and we’re getting cramps in our hands from signing so many hard copies for fans. Who am I kidding? It’s way more often than “occasionally”. We often picture publishing as the moment when our book [...]

How to Know a Good Lit Agent from a Bad One

Someone offhandedly said to me recently that I’d make a good literary agent.

While I do love helping prepare writers for publishing, I had to laugh. Being the punching bag stuck between the rock and hard place of publisher and author is not my cup of tea.

But it did get me thinking about what it takes to be a literary agent. I mean, would I even meet qualifications and know what I’m doing?

So naturally, I started researching. And I knew instantly that what I found out was something you seriously need to know.