How to Know a Good Lit Agent from a Bad One

Someone offhandedly said to me recently that I’d make a good literary agent.

While I do love helping prepare writers for publishing, I had to laugh. Being the punching bag stuck between the rock and hard place of publisher and author is not my cup of tea.

But it did get me thinking about what it takes to be a literary agent. I mean, would I even meet qualifications and know what I’m doing?

So naturally, I started researching. And I knew instantly that what I found out was something you seriously need to know.

How to Write an Eye-Catching #PitMad Pitch

How to Write an Eye-Catching #PitMad Pitch

#PitMad is a Twitter hashtag event used by agents and unsigned authors alike with the goal of connecting the two.

During the event, unagented writers are invited to share their story pitch via tweet with the #PitMad tag. Agents will be spending the day reading tweets with these tags, “liking” the tweets that they are interested in and eager to receive further material from. Best case scenario, an agent likes your tweet, loves your additional material, and then offers you a contract!