Hi, I’m Jaime!

If you’ve made it here, you must be a writer wanting to learn more about editing, writing, or this girl right here talking about all that stuff. I’m glad you stopped by because I have plenty for you to be interested in!

A little about me

The first dip my toes took into the publishing industry started out very promising as I began working for a start up publisher in its infancy. The company was unfortunately unable to overcome early problems and had to fold so I moved on to freelancing. Despite that hardship and transition, the authors I worked for during that experience and since have come to be some of my closest friends.

That is because we’ve grown to rely upon the genuine support we give each other and now find we can’t live without it. Once you find people that take the time to inspire you, motivate you, and celebrate every word written, you don’t want to let it go.

On any typical day, I wake up to a phone lit with message alerts from authors excitedly sending me their newest chapter, or rambling in panic over a scene that just isn’t working, or simply telling me what’s going on in their life and how it’s affecting their writing.

And I absolutely LIVE for it. Some of us are made to pound out words like a madman and some of us, like myself, are made to look at those words and see what’s needed to make them shine. It’s unusual to find someone made for both and that is why I believe authors and editors make such a great team- because we make two halves of a whole.

About Polish & Pitch

My passion is story crafting and all it entails which definitely includes plotting and editing but most importantly, includes author support and care. My goal with Polish & Pitch is to foster that supportive care for all who visit by connecting followers with each other and by eagerly offering my time and services to anyone that stops by. I want you to find something here that brings you back, not for my sake, but for yours, so that you can continually feel understood, reassured, and confident in yourself and your writing.

There are several ways for you to dive right in and start enjoying the Polish & Pitch site. Firstly, follow my blog! I like to keep up a trifecta of advice about writing, editing, and publishing. There are plenty of tips and lots of industry information to help you dive into the publishing scene. And you can get to know other writers in the comments as you learn!

Secondly, check out my editing services. I offer a variety of help for all stages of the writing process, with experience in a wide range of age groups and genre.

Thirdly, drop everything and follow me on Twitter. Not because I’m that cool, but because the writing community on Twitter is HUGE and you don’t want to miss out on it. If you are not already active on Twitter, I encourage you to jump in. You can start by following me (@jaime_dill) then make a few tweets with the hashtag #writingcommunity. I promise they will flock to you and you will be swarmed with all sorts of writerly love.

Get in Touch

I am more than happy to hear from you! You email me at jd.polishandpitch@gmail.com or feel free to DM me on Twitter. I do ask that you please be respectful of my time and openness by keeping all contact related to writing, editing, or publishing.