Custom Editing

Quick Facts-

  • Please visit Our Editors to learn more about us and our current availability.
  • We enjoy editing a wide variety of genres, though we do not at this time edit erotica, westerns, or horror.
  • Your service is legally protected by signed contract, made in terms with Polish & Pitch, LLC.

Why the editorial distinction?

All editing types require a certain skill set and mind frame in order to accomplish the desired result for your manuscript. Our consultation process is important as it helps us determine which service(s) will be best for your story’s needs.

Distinguishing editing types helps us focus our editorial guidance, not only for efficiency of time and effort, but also to ensure quality and consistency.

You can review our distinctions below to learn how we define each type, and discover where you may fit!

Developmental Edit

Developmental editing critically evaluates the broad strokes of your story as a whole. This services includes a full read, with in document comments and a full editor review letter, all of which focus on the following:

  • Plot and subplot development
  • Character development , consistency, and arc
  • Setting vibrancy
  • World building
  • Pacing
  • Consistency in mechanisms, if present (such as a system of magic)
  • Voice
  • Fluid dialogue
  • POV
  • Book design (referring here to arrangement of chapters and acts)
  • Sensitivity concerns
  • Light fact checking (We advise that you hire someone specifically for fact checking if you are writing non-fiction, or have included heavy technical, historical, or specialty elements within your genre fiction.)

Line Edit

Line editing zeroes in on the technical aspects of your prose. This service includes a full read, with in document comments, line by line copy edits/suggestions, and a review letter if larger suggestions need expansion. Our line edit focuses on the following:

  • Grammar and punctuation according the Chicago Style Guide
  • Elimination of weasel words, filter words, redundant words and phrases
  • Tense/verbal construct
  • POV structure and consistency
  • Sentence structure
  • Style consistency
  • Dialogue formatting
  • Balanced use of often abused elements such as adverbs, dialogue tags, and descriptions
  • Elements of a developmental edit when directly involved with line quality

If you would like to chat or inquire about our services, please e-mail any one of our editors.