First Three Chapters


Most manuscripts don’t need a full professional edit prior to querying traditional publishers since such a contract comes with its own rigorous editing. But often an agent or publisher will request a partial of your manuscript, usually up to three chapters, as part of your query materials, and it pays to have that first impression be its very best.

Our three chapter edit focuses on making the beginning of your story a solid attractive sell, with attention to strong character appeal, plot entertainment, and technical proficiency. This process includes-

  • Thoroughly critiquing your current chapters to point out what you already do well and encourage better direction for areas that need editing
  • Reviewing characters to look for consistent development and ability to hook readers
  • Reviewing plot, which within three chapters should include
    • A clear setting
    • The protagonist and their current stasis
    • Inciting event that puts the plot in motion and changes the protagonist’s stasis
    • Most likely an antagonist or opposition
    • Protagonist’s first actions in response to inciting event and opposition
  • Discussing the story’s appeal, mystique, and ability to motivate further reading
  • Editing for proper grammar and punctuation



Our First Three Chapters service offers you-

  • Up to two rounds of draft critique and support
  • Anytime e-mail contact
  • Up to four live chats (upon request)

At the price of- $.012/per word

Persons available for this service are-

Jaime Dill –