Synopsis Drafting


Scaling your book down to a single page synopsis is one of, if not THE, most daunting part of the querying process. You start cutting details to make it all fit and suddenly you’re left with, “This happened. Then this. And that. But it turned out okay. The end.”

The fatal flaw of a good many synopsis drafts is the mistake of giving a book report rather than a book presentation. A synopsis is not meant to be a fact sheet but a larger pitch, much like a full movie trailer is a longer version of a movie teaser.

Our Synopsis Drafting service helps you find that spokesperson voice and guides you on your way to becoming your story’s best representative, showcasing your story in its most precise form. This process includes-

  • Critiquing your current synopsis to point out what you already do well and encourage better direction for areas that need editing
  • Organizing essential plot information for concise precision
  • Weighing the importance of secondary plots and characters
  • Giving examples and writing assistance to help shape tone and phrasing
  • Looking for holes made by lack of detail that may lead to confusion
  • Checking for employment all story essentials- setting, protagonist, inciting event, antagonist or opposition, rising conflict, high stakes, character growth, and resolution



Our Synopsis Drafting service offers you-

  • Up to three rounds of draft critique and support
  • Anytime e-mail contact
  • Up to two live chats (upon request)

At the price of- $100

Persons available for this service are-

Jaime Dill –

Matt Wainwright –