The Agent Package


Our agent package includes all, or a combination of, our other query material services in one lump contract at a discounted rate.

To learn more about each query material service, visit the following pages-

Pitch Polishing

Query Critique

Synopsis Drafting

First three chapters



Our Agent Package provides the same logistics listed for each respective query material service, all of which include-

  • Multiple reviews
  • Anytime e-mail support
  • Live chat upon request

This full combo package is offered at the rate of: $375 or the total of all services (Price is chosen according to whichever total is cheaper. This courtesy is offered due to the variable of word count which informs the price of the First Three Chapters edit.)

A partial combo will be rated according to which services are needed.

Persons available for this service are-

Jaime Dill-

Matt Wainwright-