3 Hardest Parts of Writing a Query Letter

3 Hardest Parts of a Writing Query Letter

Writing a query letter sounds easy enough. You read some basic tutorials on how to assemble all the basic components, sit down to compose, and then your brain grinds gears and you spontaneously combust. Am I right? In all my time helping authors through this harrowing process, I have come to expect complaints and trouble… Continue reading 3 Hardest Parts of a Writing Query Letter

How to write and eye-catching #PitMad pitch

How to Write an Eye-Catching #PitMad Pitch

#PitMad is a Twitter hashtag event used by agents and unsigned authors alike with the goal of connecting the two.

During the event, unagented writers are invited to share their story pitch via tweet with the #PitMad tag. Agents will be spending the day reading tweets with these tags, “liking” the tweets that they are interested in and eager to receive further material from. Best case scenario, an agent likes your tweet, loves your additional material, and then offers you a contract!