Dave Kane

This was the first new story I’ve written after querying my sci-fi unsuccessfully for years, so I was a little nervous about the project.  Jaime’s feedback was exactly what I needed! She was quick to point out mistakes and what didn’t work, but just as important, her positive comments and reactions in just the right places were priceless.

Editors have a tough job. They have to show writer’s their mistakes and how to fix them, and they have to do it in a way that doesn’t make writers run screaming. It’s a fine line between “I’m a bad writer, I should just quit,” and “I’m a good writer with some issues, but I can do this!” I think the key is that Jaime approached the critique from a place of compassion and support, so that even when she did deliver bad news, I knew she was still on my side. I’m wishing a long and successful career for her!