“A professional and fresh pair of eyes”
When you know your book inside out, it becomes too difficult to find opportunities to improve it – you need a professional with a fresh pair of eyes. Jaime, of Pitch & Polish, offered more than a helping hand. She suggested new plot strings, proposed more compelling character developments, encouraged stronger character relationships I had not seen on my own, and much more. She also helped with the basic stuff, such as grammar, typos and dialogue tagging I had overlooked. My book now feels like a far more accomplished piece which I believe justifies a spot in the bookstore. Without Jaime and her fun, constructive, digestible feedback, I could not have brought it to that level.

Michael Pudney, Young Adult writer

“Best Choice I Could Have Made”
Every writer needs an editor, but Jaime offers more than that. When I started my debut novel, ‘Carnival of Heaven,’ I’ll admit I was lost. As a result, most editors wouldn’t have given me the time of day, but Jaime did. She acted as a teacher, mentor, and friend through one of the most rewarding and difficult processes I’ve ever been through. And that’s saying something, coming from someone who wrote a book about their struggle with cancer!

I’d also like to point out, that I’m not the kind of person who typically does these sorts of things. However, the only reason I’m actually going toward my dream, is thanks to her encouragement and advice. I’ve gotten two full manuscript requests (so far) with her help, compared to zero on the first iteration of my story.

With all that said, it’s obvious I could probably gush about her services until my fingers fell off. But be that as it may, do yourself a favor. If you’re looking for an editor, give Jaime a shot. She won’t steer you wrong, and you won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

Ryan Olson, Psychological Thriller writer

This week I had my first successful twitter pitch thanks to the supportive and guiding advice from Jaime! I got a like from an acquiring agent. Fingers crossed it goes the whole way! I just cannot say enough amazing things about her: responsive, generous, supportive! She is a goddess!

Kristy Crabtree, Kid Lit writer

“The demystifier of a foggy art”
Between books, periodicals, and the internet, there is a lot of advice out there for querying agents– much of it contradictory. Jaime completely demystified the process of writing the letter, clearing up what had seemed a foggy art of throwing darts in the dark and hoping for a bull’s-eye. I’m confident in being able to submit with the strongest representation of my work, and I won’t be sending out anything in the future without her polish.

G.S. Brouwer, Adult Literary writer

Perhaps the single best thing I have done for my writing career is to work along side with Jaime Dill. Her insight into your writing vision is astonishing, her work ethic and response time is impeccable. She is kind yet firm with her recommendations and has transformed my writing by transforming me. Seriously, she is one of the greatest things that has happened to my writing career.

Guitar Hanna, Kid Lit writer