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Coral Rivera

Writing about magic and intelligent heroines during a particularly hot summer in Puerto Rico is where Coral’s writing journey began. Since that time, she has come to realize that creating stories is her life’s passion.

Raised in Orlando, Florida by way of Puerto Rico, and no stranger to palm trees and fairy tales, she now resides in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter, three cats, and a plethora of Disney memorabilia.

Despite an incredible stack of books she needs to read, it hasn’t stopped Coral from writing her first book, A Deathly Compromise.

Currently, Coral is working on the sequel to her thrilling book, as well as another secret project about shapeshifters, a friend’s murder, and other mysterious adventures.

You can follow Coral on Twitter, find her on Wattpad, and check out her work on



Ashley Coote

A British Food Service worker, Ashely has been writing for years but recently has been making exciting advances towards his writing goals. Ashley strives to show just how truly varied we all are, hoping to show different cultures, identities, and abilities. He loves to make people feel better and inspired, particularly young people.

His current work, planned to be a 4 part series, is about an evil organization, a group of teenagers that must use a new technology to defeat them, high stakes tournaments, and so much more!

Although his main project is not available to read currently, he is a frequent submitter to Not Ready For Rhyme Time. You can also follow him on Twitter.



Christie Lambert

With a poet’s heart, Christie dreams of faraway places like Avonlea and Hobbiton, although she finds a sweet joy in the little things from her home in North Carolina, like summer lightning bugs, honeysuckle, and Grandmother’s molasses cookies.

Blogging about faith and writing fiction, her passion is her poems. She says that poems are like the lightning bugs that dance at dusk: sometimes hard to catch, fragile as they glow in cupped hands, but they light up the night when let loose, and fearlessly shine in their freedom.

Mother of three and wife to a musician, Christie strives to be more like the precious little summer bugs from her hometown. To have the courage to dance in the darkness.

Christie invites you to check out her blog, So Be Loved, to join her on Facebook, and give her a follow on both Twitter and Instagram.



R. Tim Morris

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, R. Tim Morris describes himself as an anxiety-ridden, maladjusted, coffee drinking novelist, but not in a cliché way. When not writing, he works as a library technician at an independent school.

R. Tim Morris enjoys writing diverse genres, but finds his best fit in Adult Contemporary. To date, he has written three novels: Molt (2009), The Inevitable Fall of Tommy Mueller (2012), and This Never Happened (2016). He is still actively seeking representation for all of them.

He is currently working on an Adult Contemporary Humour tale about a lazy, sardonic New York stage actor who struggles with honesty issues, to put it mildly.

You can find R. Tim Morris at his website,, and you can follow him on Twitter, and Goodreads. You can also find a sampling of his writings on Wattpad!



Stephanie Collins

A Ph.D. Student at the University of Leicester, Steph has a passion for theatre. She has enjoyed many experiences on and off stage at the Stamford Shakespeare Company; even her current work in progress started out as a screenplay! Although it has since turned into a novel that Steph desires to publish one day.

Viper is a raw and emotional tale of sisters, suspicions, and broken families. Although the subject matter may be deep and sometimes dark, Steph approaches her book with care and attention to detail, striving to make it true to life. Her dream is to work with a charity or group that helps people who have gone through similar circumstances to what her characters go through and hopes to raise awareness for those people, as well as craft an excellent story.

You can find this British writer on Twitter and through our Community Facebook Page.



Michael Pudney

Michael had already written his first book by the age of 10, an epic tale of adventure, comedy, and treasure hunting through the jungle. Although not a New York Bestseller, this was the launch pad that sent Michael into the writing-sphere. Winning a short story competition in his teens renewed his confidence once more, and although he was the only entrant, he knew his writing must have improved since his debut novel.

England born and now world-traveler, Michael has his first published creative nonfiction novel, By Any Means, coming out later this year. He wouldn’t like to say he has a particular genre he sticks to. Be it comedy, thriller, horror or dystopian, whatever spills from his brain is patterned awkwardly onto the page.

You can check out Michael’s witty writing on his website,, and follow him on Twitter.



K.E. Nielsen

A girl who grew up on a farm in the foothills of North Carolina, Nielsen has loved to tell stories and write from the time she was small.

Nielsen has a special dedication to her writing, having worked on her first novel for seven years before going on to work on her second piece for several more years.

Although her writing is currently on pause as she gives her attention to her two precious sons, Nielsen looks forward to writing again when her boys are a little older. Her heart’s goal is to publish a novel that is not only excellent but will ultimately glorify God.

You can connect with K.E. Nielsen on her website, and on Twitter.



Jon Smith

Hailing from the magical streets of South London, this husband, father, and church-goer grew up without a television until the age of sixteen, and he happily blames these circumstances for his love of reading. This passion for stories, along with his love for football, have stayed strong through the years, even shaping his work when he started in a Primary School, where he would often craft fun stories to tell the children throughout the day.

His passion and talent for storytelling led him to write a children’s book aimed at the age range he worked with. This work in progress is an adventure story of two boys who stumble upon a new world, and begin a quest to save the inhabitants of Aquaria.

You can connect with Jon and keep to date on everything Aquarian by following him on Twitter and Instagram, and read his work in progress, Aquaria’s Elipso, on Wattpad.



Bryant Reil

Surrounded by provincial parks, pine forest, orchards, and mountains, Bryant’s home in Kelowna, British Colombia, is the perfect inspiration for his fantasy writing. A government worker by trade, Bryant is now pursuing his dreams of earning a Master’s degree and publishing his own books.

The day he first accomplished one of those dreams came two years ago when he published the first book in his series, Elf Mastery. He has since published the sequel, Elf Doubt, and has exciting plans to craft more stories with vivid storytelling and fantastical characters.

You can find Bryant’s books in ebook and paperback form on Amazon, and you can keep up to date with his writings on his blog,



Kathryn Lapierre

Kathryn has been writing seriously since 2004, and published her first book, Searching for Saffron, in 2009.

Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, she moved to New Hampshire to work and write for Yankee Magazine. Currently, she lives in the Granite State with her husband and three infuriable (infuriating + adorable) sons.

Kathryn hopes to soon publish her current work in progress, Truth Be Told, a young adult contemporary fantasy novel of a 16-year-old girl who has the ability to know the true answer to every question she’s asked. This story idea has lived in Kathryn’s mind for years, and she would love for it to live a life of its own, one that others can experience and enjoy.

You can follow Kathryn on Twitter and check out her website at